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Quick Hide IP Platinum 1.2

Changes your real IP for an anonymous proxy in order to protect your privacy
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Quick Hide IP Platinum is a simple and convenient solution to your needs of privacy and confidentiality when browsing the Web. This simple utility will offer you a choice of public and anonymous proxies for you to choose, allowing you to surf the Internet without exposing where you are located and who you are.

The IP-change process is really simple and straightforward. The first thing Quick Hide IP Platinum gives you is your real IP address, as well as the country it belongs to. As soon as you ask the program for a change of IP address, it will show you a list of all the public proxies available in seconds. In this list you can clearly see the country where every proxy is located, its IP address, the uptime, and its connection speed. This, however, needs double-checking – by default, all the IPs shown seem to be running at the maximum speed possible, so it is advisable that you ask the program to check their real data transfer speed before you make your pick.

Once checked, the program will show you a more realistic list of IPs sorted by their speed values. Here is where you have to decide which your new IP will be. The change takes effect immediately, and both the old and the new IP addresses will then appear in the program’s interface. It is that simple. From then on, your IP will appear listed as “anonymous”, thus keeping your privacy safe. You can tell the program to switch to a new public IP randomly every X minutes, in case you want to make it harder to be traced when surfing the Web.

Finally, if you are curious about the real location of the public proxy you selected, Quick Hide IP Platinum will show it you with the help of Google Maps.

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  • Allows you to check your new IP in Google Maps
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